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Skills to Launch

College Prep, Readiness, & Transition Specialist for TBI/Concussion, Neurodivergence, & Chronic Illness



Our mission is simple: We aim to prepare high school students for college, college students for their next steps, and we specialize in the transitions in-between. Our specialty is working with students who identify with neurodivergence, chronic illness, and TBI/Concussion. 

Jonathan Miller, M.Ed.'s professional experiences working in higher education as a staff member in Disability/Accessibility Support & as a faculty member in American University's First-Year Experience Program guide the supportive, student-centered approach we take with students.


Jonathan's personal experience navigating multiple educational experiences while managing 6 years of post-concussive issues inform his desire to close the knowledge gap, increase support, and facilitate student success regardless of the circumstances.


Whether you are looking to apply to college, need academic support as an undergraduate or graduate student, or seek support navigating accessibility on college campuses–Skills to Launch has your back from start to finish.

College Admissions/Applications Services

The process can feel overwhelming but we aim to provide a different experience.

College Readiness & Transition Services

We help high school students develop the skills to succeed in college and beyond. . . and we'll help you with the transition to college too! 


Disability/Accessibility Support Services

Have questions surrounding accommodations in college? We have your answers.



Jonathan was invaluable in helping my son to navigate the process, identify schools, organize the materials, and keep up with deadlines. He provided excellent advice and a wealth of information and knowledge to my child. My son felt heard, empowered to make his own decisions throughout, and was enthusiastic during the process. Hiring Jonathan was one of the best investments I have made in my son’s future.

The whole college process is intimidating; it was important to have Jonathan’s expertise to help my son out. He allowed my child to feel comfortable vocalizing questions that he might not want to ask me. Jonathan took something that was a stressful situation between my son and I, and made it very seamless. For example, I would have never guessed he could write about a “plant” as a topic! Jonathan loved my son’s essay choice, and I was really proud of what my child put together.

Eve B. / Parent / Fall 2022

Having a professional like Jonathan, who is not “the parent,” was  helpful because he took a process that could have led to tension with my son and made it less stressful on our relationship. Hiring someone to be that outside voice of reason and guide my son through the process was exactly what we needed. We definitely appreciate him!

Jonathan really tried to get to know my child, and find out what works for them and what does not. My son took the application process seriously, and we saw that trickle over to his schoolwork as well! Jonathan’s flexibility to meet frequently with my son was invaluable and is great for those needing extra support. We have continued to work with Jonathan as my son transitions to college!!!

B. Smith / Parent / Fall 2022

Jonathan helped me break up everything into manageable pieces. If I didn’t meet with him I would have been way too overwhelmed with everything. The management of it all made me more confident, and it was extremely rewarding that all of the hard work paid off in getting the acceptance letters back.

Jonathan has so much knowledge about every part of the process. I enjoyed his flexibility with everything, and the ability to work with him once or twice a week. He really wants to assist you and to see you succeed and do well!

Shaun B. / Student / Fall 2022

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